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Meatball & Token Living Their Best Life

Meatball was very nervous when he was surrendered this summer. He hadn't experienced much stability in his life and he needed to build his confidence. With lots of loving attention and outings to the park with volunteers, Meatball started to become more playful. He was most comfortable with a friendly human by his side and would cry if left alone. We knew it wouldn't be long before someone fell in love with that big dopey face, and sure enough, he found his perfect home:

"I can't overstate how much joy Meatball has brought to our home. Dylan and I both adore him, and he's always happy to accept all of our hugs and kisses. Meatball is always down for a lazy Sunday on the couch. He loves to nap and snuggle with us!! He has a bunch of nicknames around the house - meables, meatza la pizza, bo beatums, meebs, or sometimes I just like to call him my lil piggy. When you call him a Crazy Meatball he gets the zoomies and runs all over the place! He also loves to play and is a notorious destroyer of toys. His favorite game is tug of war and he is a fierce opponent! He has his toy dragon, piglet, and squirrel, and we call them his babies. I think his funniest quirk is that he barks at his reflection. He goes nuts when he sees himself in the mirror and it cracks me up. He also barks at all the animals he sees on TV. Overall, he is the sweetest, kindest soul and I couldn't be more grateful to you all for bringing him into our lives!! - Sydney

Sweet, gentle Token arrived back in our care this fall when he was found starving outside. Token was adopted in 2019, and despite being an anti-declaw facility and educating all cat adopters about the trauma of declawing, poor Token was tragically four-foot declawed post adoption. To make matters worse, he was left to fend for himself outdoors and came to us emaciated.

We try so hard to find safe, loving homes for our animals, but sadly, things like this can still occur. While this is certainly not the path we would have chosen for sweet Token, we are thankful he came back to us so we could find him a forever home that would never discard him.

Token was very nervous and shy when he returned to us, but with love and care, his personality blossomed and he is now living happily in his new home! You'll enjoy this wonderful update from his adopter:

"Token has been an awesome addition to my new house. He loves chilling and watching TV with me after work. He has to follow me in every room, just to see if I am doing anything interesting. He chills in his favorite chair in the dining room on nice sunny days while I'm at work. He is just the best cat! He loves to cuddle up when I'm lying on the couch, but puts his paw up when I try to take a photo! He loves laying on all the blankets he can find! And he only meows when he is out of food or water. My favorite part about Token (Mr. T) is how great of a companion he is. He always greets me at the door when I get home! He really is such a chill and mellow cat, and matches my personality perfectly. Always by my side, my "ride or die" buddy! -Sean

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