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The Basics

The transition from an animal shelter to home environment is a significant one. Between new smells, people, and animals, pet owners can take extra steps to ensure a healthy, safe, and stress-free transition.


Our adoption counselors are experienced professionals and will provide information for any questions that you have related to the transition.


Welcoming a new family member can invoke a range of emotions - happiness, excitement, and in some cases nervousness. Tranquility and peace in a home can be achieved through patience and practice.

Research common introduction techniques for introducing animals to their family:

Cat & Cat
Dog & Dog
Cats & Dogs

Pets and Kids

Bringing a new pet into a home with children provides benefits for both child and animals. Parents are advised to exercise cautious supervision.


Adoption counselors at the Humane Animal Treatment Society carefully evaluate an animals behavior and determine if children in the home are suitable for everyone involved. Safety is the priority!

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