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For over 20 years, the Humane Animal Treatment Society has been making Mid-Michigan a safer place for companion animals through innovative programs and community education.

The Humane Animal Treatment Society (HATS) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit animal welfare organization that is independently operated, serving the Mid-Michigan area. HATS is contracted to be the sole provider of all animal care and adoption services at the Isabella County Animal Control facility. Each year we help nearly 1,000 homeless or lost pets; providing food, vaccinations, veterinary care, and a clean, safe environment while they await placement in their forever homes or a safe return to their owner. We also operate the HATS Health Clinic which provides low-cost spay and neuter services to help reduce animal overpopulation in our community.

Our organization relies on donations, local community support, and grant funds to allow us to continue our lifesaving services. Each day we make our community a better place for homeless animals by giving them a second chance at life with the opportunity to receive the medical care and behavioral support they need to make their way into a loving forever home. We continuously strive to educate our community on responsible pet ownership, provide support for pet owners in times of need, and as always, promote the humane treatment of all animals. 



  •  Safe shelter and daily care for homeless or lost pets

  • Routine and emergency medical care for shelter residents

  • Lost & found services to reunite lost pets with owners

  • Adoption services to place pets in forever homes

  • Volunteer and community outreach programs

  • Foster care program for vulnerable animals

  • Low-cost spay and neuter services for our community

  • Housing and care for animals pending cruelty and neglect cases, or undergoing animal control quarantine procedures 


In 1999, a small group of dedicated animal loving individuals came together with a common goal: to save the lives of homeless animals in Isabella County. To accomplish this, they put together a comprehensive plan involving volunteers, adoptions, fostering, spay/neuter services, and a capital campaign to build a better animal shelter for our community. That was when the Humane Animal Treatment Society (HATS) was born. 


In 2002, the founders succeeded in their campaign to support Isabella County's construction of our current shelter. The new shelter, operated by Isabella County Animal Control with support from HATS volunteers, was now housing 3,000-4,000 animals annually, and most were not being spayed or neutered prior to adoption. This was an overwhelming number of animals and it was clear that there was still a great need for HATS to improve shelter operations and adoption policies.


In 2006, HATS appealed to Isabella County commissioners and successfully implemented the policy that all pets be spayed or neutered prior to adoption to help control animal overpopulation in our community. In 2009, HATS officially became contracted with Isabella County, allowing us to take over all animal care and adoption services for the shelter. In 2013, the HATS Health Clinic was opened, offering low-cost spay and neuter services to the Mid-Michigan community. Due to our tireless efforts, we began to see a decrease in animal overpopulation leading to fewer intakes, and an increase in adoptions leading to less euthanasia. 

Since embarking on this journey, HATS has been able to find forever homes for thousands of animals, made a significant reduction in euthanasia, built an outstanding network of volunteers, and gained the lifesaving support of the community through event attendance and donations. HATS will forever work to enhance the human/animal bond by promoting adoption and responsible pet ownership through kindness and compassion for humans and animals alike.








transfers​ to rescue partners


pets returned to owners


spay and neuter surgeries performed at the HATS Health Clinic


live release rate


save rate of healthy, adoptable animals


In 2013, with generous help from our community, the HATS Health Clinic opened it's doors for business. The clinic, which provides state of the art high-volume spay and neuter for individuals with limited financial resources, has proven to be a lifeline for the residents of Isabella County, along with its surrounding Mid-Michigan communities. Not only has the clinic saved community members thousands of dollars, but it has also prevented countless unplanned litters and continues to reduce animal overpopulation. 

Humane Animal Treatment Society

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