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Spaying and neutering just one animal can save the lives of many. In addition to responsibly controlling pet overpopulation, spay and neuter lead to numerous health benefits for your pet such as reducing the risk of cancers and aggression as well as possibly increasing overall lifespan. In 2019 alone, our Health Clinic performed 1,826 spay and neuter procedures within our community. Call (989) 775-0830 to schedule your appointment!

Spay & Neuter Services

  • Canine Spay (< 69 lbs) – $110

  • Canine Spay (70+ lbs) – $200

  • Canine Neuter (< 69 lbs) – $80

  • Canine Neuter (70+ lbs) – $100

*Canine surgical patients are required to have a valid rabies vaccination. If your dog does not have a valid rabies vaccination, one will be administered on the day of surgery for an additional $15.

  • Feline Spay – $70

  • Feline Neuter – $50

*Must be at least 3 lbs or 12 wks old.

*Feline surgical patients are eligible to receive a free rabies vaccination.

Surgery Day Add-On's

For Canines

Distemper 4-1 Vaccination

Bordatella Vaccination

Heartworm Testing & Prevention

Nail Trimming


For Felines

Distemper 4-1 Vaccination

Feline Leukemia/FIV Testing

Nail Trimming

Cardboard Carriers


Vaccine & Microchip Days

Vaccines and microchips are available to patients on their surgery day or by attending a "walk-in" clinic day. Please note that we are no longer taking appointments for these services. 

Walk-In Clinic Days: 

TBA - Please check back for dates. 

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