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Health Clinic

The HATS Health Clinic focuses on lowering animal overpopulation in our community by providing low-cost spay/neuter surgeries for Mid-Michigan pet owners. We also help keep pets in homes by solving common behavioral issues through spay or neuter. In 2022 alone, our Health Clinic performed 1,904 surgeries! We serve all pet owners, regardless of income or place of residence. 

Call (989) 775-0830 x3 to schedule your appointment! 


We are currently booked through May 2024 and have temporarily paused scheduling. Please check back in May and we will begin booking summer appointments. 


Click here for a list of local full-service veterinary clinics and emergency veterinary clinics. 



Spaying and neutering just one animal can save the lives of many! In addition to responsibly controlling pet overpopulation, fixing your pet leads to numerous health benefits such as reducing the risk of certain types of cancer and possibly increasing overall lifespan. You can also reduce or eliminate unwanted behaviors such as spraying, aggression, and roaming. And let's not forget, the cost of raising a healthy litter of puppies or kittens far exceeds the cost of a single surgery!


Feline Surgery Pricing

Spay – $75

Neuter – $55

*Feline surgical patients must be at least 3 lbs.

*If you are doing TNR in Isabella County, please call to discuss your surgical options. 


Canine Surgery Pricing

Spay (< 69 lbs) – $125

Spay (70+ lbs) – $200

Neuter (< 69 lbs) – $85

Neuter (70+ lbs) – $100


Surgery Day Add-Ons
Rabies vaccine is included for all eligible patients.

Distemper Combo Vaccine $10

Bordetella Vaccine $10

Heartworm Test $20

FIV/FeLV Test $20

Cardboard Cat Carrier $10

Nail Trim $10

Microchip $20

giving vaccine_edited.jpg

Vaccine & Microchip Days

Vaccines and microchips are available to patients on their surgery day or by attending a walk-in clinic day. We do not take appointments for these services. 

Next Walk-In Clinic:

Please check back for our 2024 schedule!

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