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Becoming a foster parent is just one of the many ways that you can help save lives! Opening your home to foster animals allows you to play an important part in helping our animals stay healthy and find a forever home. These special animals need kind hearts and a place to heal or grow in a temporary setting until they are ready to find their permanent home. You provide loving care, take adorable photos, learn about their personalities, and share their story with your friends and family to help find them a forever home!

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Our foster program is designed to help kittens and puppies who are too young to be safely housed in a shelter environment, adult dogs and cats undergoing medical treatment or recovering from surgery, and dogs or cats with minor behavioral issues that prevent them from showing well in a shelter environment. In the spring and summer months, there is an increased need for foster parents willing to offer a safe haven for precious kittens.


We will provide all food and medical care for the animal(s) while they are being fostered! Your foster pet(s) may be in your care anywhere from two weeks to several months depending on their particular needs. Foster homes must be located within 50 miles of our facility to ensure that animals can return in a timely manner for any emergency medical needs. 



Our Slumber Buddies program allows fosters to take approved dogs for a short stay in their home. This allows us to gain valuable information on the dogs behavior that will help us place them with adopters! Fosters will hang with their pup, take them for walks, take lots of photos, and report back on their dog's behavior. We will set you up with food, dishes, crates, toys, etc.

Slumber Buddies Requirements:

- Minimum one week commitment

- Safe home/apartment environment that allows pets

- Dog savvy (able to work with minor behavioral issues or strong dogs)

- For everyone's safety, most dogs will require a home with no other pets or small children

Can't have a pet long-term? Considering adopting? Just want to give back? Slumber Buddies is a great way to get your dog fix with a short-term commitment!


Please complete the Foster Sign-Up Form and your information will be kept on file. We highly recommend joining our Volunteer & Foster Force Facebook Group to stay informed about urgent foster needs and follow the journey of pets currently in foster homes! 


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Kitten Care

The Kitten Lady has all the information you need to raise healthy kittens and provide them with proper enrichment!


Dog Care

Search a library of canine health and behavior resources to help you care for your foster dog!


Cat Care

Search a library of feline health and behavior resources to help you care for your foster cat!

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