Thank you for taking the time to ask yourself some very important questions before deciding to adopt. This is the first step in responsible pet parenting! Adopting a dog or cat is very rewarding, but it is also a big commitment that takes careful planning and research. Consider the following questions before starting your adoption journey:

  • What are you looking for in a pet?

  • Are you prepared for the financial commitment of pet ownership?

  • How will your current household feel about a new pet?

  • Are you prepared for the daily upkeep related to owning a pet?

  • Do you or anyone in your household have allergies that will be affected by a new pet?

  • Are all other pets in your home already spayed or neutered?


Adoption Policies

Our policies are designed to find the perfect animal for each adopter and the perfect adopter for each animal! Adoption is a lifelong commitment so we do our best to ensure that we are finding good matches, for both human and animal. Our staff will assist you in finding a match based on your lifestyle, living situation, and activity level, not purely on breed or color. 

  • Adoptions are approval based and will be guided by a Canine or Feline Adoption Counselor. 

  • All adopters must be at least 18 years of age and permanent citizens of the United States.

The first step in our adoption process is filling out an Adoption Interest Form. Adoption interest forms may be completed online or in person at our facility. Once your application has been submitted, call or stop into the Humane Animal Treatment Society to review your form with an adoption counselor. View adoption counseling hours here. 

Complete an Interest Form

To ensure it's a good fit, plan on setting up visits with the animal on two separate occasions before finalizing an adoption. Don't forget to discuss your plans to adopt with any family members, roommates, or landlords. Please call and speak to the appropriate supervisor to schedule a visit, or visit during our adoption counseling hours.

Plan Your Visits

Welcome your new family member to their loving home! Transitioning from a shelter environment to a home setting is a major lifestyle change. With this change, it is very common for animals to behave out of character. Keep in mind that your household will need to exercise patience and understanding during this period. Please talk to our experienced staff if you have any questions about introducing a new animal into your home. 

Welcome Home

Return of an Adopted Animal

If adopters cannot keep their animal, at any time for any reason, they must return the animal to us. We strive to match adopters with an animal that will be a life-long companion. However, we do realize that circumstances can arise that prevent continued animal ownership. If conditions change and a long-term companion animal cannot be kept, all pet owners are encouraged to let our experienced professionals evaluate the situation and do what is best for the animal.

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