To empower our community to support the compassionate treatment of all animals.

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We envision a world where every animal has a home and every home has an animal.



The HATS Health Clinic is our organization's promise to address animal overpopulation in our community through affordable veterinary care.



Embracing an attitude of compassion allows us to understand and share in the positive experiences of the people that we touch and the animals that we save.


We believe that it is important to commit ourselves to do a quality, thorough job in any endeavor that we set out to tackle. We are forever committed to promoting responsible pet ownership, pet adoption, and compassion for all animals.


We pride ourselves on establishing and maintaining a knowledgeable staff that is well versed in animal care issues and we are committed to sharing what we know with our community. Additionally, we strive to be progressive in our thoughts, words, and actions.


Honesty is essential to our cause. This value allows us to be open and truthful in all aspects of our relationships and to be transparent in our beliefs and actions.


It is important within our organization that we provide quality care for all animals. We believe that quality will always take precedence over quantity. Therefore, we take the time to find a quality, forever home for each animal.


Our commitment to respecting those around us, animal and human alike, is our promise to treat all living creatures as we ourselves would wish to be treated. We treat each animal as if they are a loving member of our family.