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Surrender a Pet

The term ‘surrender’ refers to animals who have been relinquished willingly by their owners or caregivers into the care of the animal shelter. These animals may have been long term family members or may have originated as stray animals who had been cared for over a prolonged period of time. Isabella County Animal Control and HATS only accept surrenders from residents of Isabella County. Individuals wishing to surrender their pet should plan ahead whenever possible and understand that we may not be able to intake animals if no notice has been given.

We urge you to exhaust all possible rehoming options and attempt to resolve issues before you choose to surrender to a shelter. Talk to friends and family, post in pet rehoming groups on social media, and utilize Adopt-a-Pet's rehoming site by clicking the Learn More buttonIf you are experiencing behavioral issues, call HATS or your veterinarian for advice before the situation escalates. Many problems can be resolved by spaying or neutering, seeking appropriate medical care, or working with an experienced animal behaviorist. For additional resources visit our behavior page.


How do I surrender an animal to HATS?

Individuals wishing to surrender their pet(s) must speak with the department supervisor to make appropriate arrangements. HATS schedules animal surrenders by appointment to ensure shelter space is available. To discuss surrendering an animal, please call the appropriate department. Please note that you must be 18 years or older with a valid driver’s license or state issued ID when surrendering an animal to our facility.

Canine Department
(989) 775-0830 x4

Feline Department
(989) 775-0830 x5

What if I have an animal other than a cat or dog to surrender?

We are not equipped to intake animals other than dogs or cats. We recommend seeking out private rescues who care for small or exotic pets, contacting the store or individual where you purchased your pet, talking to friends and family, and posting in pet rehoming groups on social media.

What if I have second thoughts and want to reclaim my pet?

Relinquishing a pet is a serious decision. Prior to surrendering a pet, the HATS staff is available to provide resources and information on how to troubleshoot issues a pet owner may be facing with their animal. If those issues are unresolved and the owner decides to surrender their pet into the care of HATS, that decision is final and cannot be undone.  

Do I have to pay a fee if I want to surrender a pet?

There is a $10 cash or check fee associated with each animal surrendered to the facility. This fee is paid to Isabella County Animal Control and is used to support the services Animal Control provides to Isabella County residents. This fee is non-refundable and due at the time of drop-off.

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