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Community Involvement


Day of Service

We have various opportunities for small groups looking for a single day of service. You can participate in a group walk by taking a dog or two on an outing to a local park, or you can inquire about on-site projects. To explore your day of service options, please click the button above to submit a request and we will be in touch. Due to space constraints we encourage large groups to complete an off-site service project.

Look at all of these wonderful donations

Service Projects

Completing an off-site service project is a great way for individuals or groups of all ages to make an impact on their own schedule, in their own space. Projects might include organizing a fundraising event, holding a donation drive, or gathering your friends for a crafting party. 


Donation drives and fundraising events are an especially helpful way to collect animal care supplies or monetary donations for the shelter. You could gather items from our wish list, have a coin war, or plan a party. Event ideas are endless, get creative! If you'd like some ideas for your crafting party, check out this easy "Snuffleball" tutorial or these DIY items the animals love.

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Request Our Attendance at an Event 

If you would like a HATS representative to attend your community event with informational materials, please click the button above to submit a request. Be sure to reach out as soon as you begin planning so we can determine our availability. 

Host an Event Benefiting HATS

Planning a fundraising or community outreach event is a fantastic way to help the animals and raise awareness. If HATS will be the beneficiary of your event, please click the button above to submit a request form so we can contact you to discuss your plans and ensure you are on track for a mutually-beneficial event. 


Humane Education Presentations

Educating children on responsible pet ownership is an essential part of our mission to empower our community to support the compassionate treatment of all animals. HATS staff and volunteers are available to present on a variety of topics tailored to your age group and personal interest. 

To schedule a presentation, please click the button above to submit a request form. We will then be in touch to discuss your presentation options.


School Projects

School projects offer an opportunity to mutually benefit students of all ages, as well as the Humane Animal Treatment Society.

If you have a project, assignment, internship or fieldwork hours you would like to complete with us, please click the button above to submit a request form and we will be in touch.

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