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Your Donations at Work

Rory's Story

All too often, kittens like Rory arrive at the Humane Animal Treatment Society in desperate need. At merely one week of age, Rory was left without a mother or anyone to care for her. Kittens at this stage cannot eat, drink, or regulate body temperature on their own, similar to a newborn human baby. A member of the community found her and brought her to the Humane Animal Treatment Society, where staff members provided around the clock care. This care included continuous bottle feeding, bathing, and ensuring her warmth and safety in the weeks that followed.

Thanks to their hard work and diligence, Rory was able to grow big and strong. Today she is a beautiful, social, and affectionate kitten who found her forever home. Your ongoing support allows us to provide care for those that would not have a happy ending without intervention. Thank you for investing in our organization and our animals, for those like Rory, you make all the difference!

Humane Animal Treatment Society

1105 S. Isabella Rd. 

Mt. Pleasant, MI 48858

(989) 775-0830