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Fighting Pet Overpopulation

Wow, we've been a busy bunch! The Health Clinic team continues to combat animal overpopulation in our community by spaying and neutering approximately 45 cats and dogs each week. We are very grateful that we can provide these valuable services at a low-cost for our community members.

Dr. Gruca, HATS Health Clinic Veterinarian.

Our team receives a lot of questions about spay and neuter, so we compiled our most frequently asked questions:

When can my pet be spayed or neutered?

Your pet can be safely fixed at three to four months of age. Pets can get pregnant much sooner than most people think - kittens as early as four months and puppies as early as six months. Schedule your surgery as soon as possible to avoid an accidental litter. Younger pets also tend to recover much quicker from the procedure.

Do I need to wait for my pet to go into her first heat?

No, there is no medical research that proves it's healthier to wait until your female dog or cat has gone into heat. In fact, spaying them before their first heat greatly reduces the risk of mammary cancers and reproductive related diseases.

Will my pet's personality change?

Only for the better! You pet's general personality traits, such as playfulness and activity level, are unlikely to be affected. However, it will help reduce unwanted behaviors such as the urge to roam and mount other animals, in addition to decreasing marking and spraying. Most importantly, you will reduce the risk of your animal biting someone and exhibiting other aggressive behaviors. Studies show that the vast majority of dog bites stem from having an unaltered dog.

Ready to schedule? Call our Health Clinic today at (989) 775-0830 and get your pet on track for a healthy future. Visit for pricing.


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