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HATS Helps Dalis to the Rescue

Between HATS shelter animals, public animals, and animals from other rescue groups, our HATS Health Clinic does an average of 2,000 spay or neuter surgeries per year. It’s a small but mighty team of 3 that accomplish this. They make it possible for HATS and other nearby rescues to adopt out hundreds of fixed animals every year. The impact on pet overpopulation in Mid-Michigan has been incredible!

Read Dalis’ words on her experience with the Clinic:

“HATS Health clinic has been a huge part of helping DTTR rescue, save, and help so many animals over the years. I rescue many abandoned, neglected, injured, abused and sickly animals and I couldn’t do it all without the help of the vet staff at HATS. I rescue around 40-80 dogs and cats every month. All have to get spayed, neutered and vaccinated before placing up for adoption and HATS accommodates me, and my crazy amounts of animals that I call and schedule, with ease. Dr. Gruca and Chelsea not only care about the well being of animals, they have became important people in my life that I trust. Thank you for always supporting and helping my passion of saving animals.” -Dalis

Your gifts go further.

Donations to the Humane Animal Treatment Society not only help homeless animals in Isabella County, they also ensure that community members and nearby rescues continue to have access to low-cost spay and neuter services. Consider giving a lifesaving gift to the HATS Health Clinic today!


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