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Medical Miracles

Gumdrop couldn't wait another day for lifesaving medical care.

At just a few months old, she had developed a large, infected abscess on her face. Without veterinary care, the infection could easily take over her little body and become fatal.

It was a miracle that Gumdrop arrived just in time to save her precious life. Our caring Health Clinic team immediately cleaned out the infected area and started her on medications.

Gumdrop is currently spending the holidays in a cozy foster home where she is receiving lots of love and cuddles during her recovery.

It takes a compassionate community of people to save a life. Your generous support, a caring veterinary team, a loving foster family, and a future adopter are all part of Gumdrop's journey to a lifetime of happiness.

Every happy tail wag, every snuggle, every wet kiss, and the many future years spent with a loving family will be possible because you cared!

Tofu arrived last week with two large, open wounds on his back that required immediate veterinary care. X-rays showed that something like a bullet went in one side and out the other – just missing his spine and vital organs.

Because of caring people like you, Tofu received the medical treatment he desperately needed.

Despite the trauma and pain he must be feeling, Tofu has been all cuddles throughout his recovery. He will be ringing in the new year on a cozy couch with his loving foster family.

Every day, animals with nowhere else to turn, find comfort and safety within our shelter. Your support gives these precious animals hope for a better future. Thank YOU!


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