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39 Second Chances

Parvo, grooming, veterinary care, the birth of puppies... Every day has been packed full of hard work and new surprises since the 30 dogs and 1 goat came into our care. Just three weeks ago, 31 animals were discovered by authorities and seized due to neglect. These dogs were exposed to the elements without proper shelter, surviving on meat scraps, and breeding continuously for the benefit of their abuser. There are Great Pyrenees that were severely matted, Hounds that have never walked on a leash, and Shepherds with very little socialization. We are so very grateful for the outpouring of support we have received from our community. Our capacity immediately doubled and we could not have provided the care these dogs needed without generous people like you! We owe a special thanks to Michigan Doodle Rescue Connect for providing a trailer of new crates at a moment's notice, as well as the Humane Society of Midland County for transferring 14 adoptable dogs to help us make space for the seized animals. It was a roller coaster of life and death the first week the animals arrived. The minute we saw Dumpling's big belly we knew our group would soon be growing! On the 4th of July we set Dumpling up in her "birthing suite" and we welcomed 8 new precious pups. Around that same time, we also learned that Mango & Jackfruit, a pair of 12-week-old puppies, were infected with parvovirus. On July 4th, we posted a letter to Mango on our social media that touched the hearts of many...

Dearest Mango, We are so incredibly sorry. We are sorry you were brought into this world so someone could profit from your sale. We are sorry people continually purchased puppies from your abuser, creating a market and incentive for him to keep breeding. We are sorry that people continue to support puppy mills despite our best efforts. We are sorry you weren’t vaccinated. We are sorry you caught a preventable virus from the terrible environment where you were born. We are sorry you were dirty, defeated, and infested with ticks. We are sorry that profit was more important than your life. Most of all, we are sorry we couldn’t save your precious life. We are sorry we only had three days to try and make things right for you. We are sorry that it was too late and the medications couldn't save you. We are sorry you never knew what it was like to have a loving family. We are sorry you never had a favorite toy to call your own, a yard to run in, and a friend to cuddle you. Mango, we promise to do everything we can to get justice for you and your friends. You mattered to us, you weren't just a number to us. Your life will not be forgotten. We will say your name everyday until your abuser goes to jail and we are guaranteed he can no longer own animals. We will tell your story so people stop supporting puppy mills. We will find loving homes for your friends. Please forgive us, Mango. You didn't have enough time to learn this, but not all humans are bad. We would have saved you sooner if we had known you were out there. We would have given you everything you deserved. Now that you have gone over the rainbow bridge, we hope you have everything your little heart desires. With all our love, Your Rescuers Please join us in getting #justiceforMango. Our tears won't bring him back, but our voices can get Mango and his friends the justice they deserve. We are thankful that the animals have been surrendered by their former owner and we are able to move forward with placing them in forever homes. The abuser has been charged with animal cruelty and the case is ongoing. Please continue to follow the journey of these dogs and the outcome of this case through our posts on Facebook. This past weekend we celebrated the adoption of Maple Jr – the first of the group to find her forever home! She is now vaccinated, spayed, microchipped, and on her way to a lifetime of happiness. Stay tuned for more happy tails!


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