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Hunni's Happy Tail

Pitbulls are the most overlooked breed in our kennels. Often misunderstood, these “nanny” dogs are given a second chance by few. Luckily, Hunni was given a second chance and even opened some new hearts to the idea of a bully breed pup.

Hunni’s adopters had an amazing change of heart:

“I wanted to share Hunni's DNA analysis with you. It was really fun to get the results and be able to understand where her endearing traits come from. In our minds, she is nothing less than a 'Perfect' dog, made up of 25% American Staffordshire Terrier, 12.5% Australian Cattle Dog, 12.5% Lab, 12.5% Siberian Husky, 12.5% St. Bernard and 25% Mixed. No hound at all!! The markings around her eyes that you thought might be Basset Hound appear to be similar to a St. Bernard.

I am so very grateful to you for describing her as a hound mix, without that description I would not have inquired about her. (Our dog who died last October was a hound/springer mix and I was sure that we needed to have another hound mix.) If you had described her as a Pit Bull, Australian Cattle Dog mix I would not have asked about her. And we would have missed out on the most darling, sweet, fun, clever, loyal, playful, generous, loving pup. What a total delight she is! We feel so lucky and happy to have her in our lives. Thank you for making it happen!” -Jan

We've all heard the moral of this story — never judge a book by it's cover. Or in our case, never judge a dog by it's breed. We do our best to guess the breed of each animal we receive, and guess what? We aren't always right! But that's ok, because breed isn't everything. All animals are individuals and we strive to find the best fit for each adopter, not based on breed alone, but on activity level, temperament, size, etc. And in Hunni's case, regardless of her breed, her family went home with the perfect fit.


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