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Doc's Happy Ending!

There was a time when we thought Doc would never find his special person. As a male, bully-breed he had all the odds stacked against him: Doc had energy for days, was lacking manners, was incredibly intelligent, and acted like a wild beast in his kennel. It was hard for potential adopters to see him fitting into their home.

But we didn't give up. After two failed adoptions we made it our mission to curb his energy, find him playmates, and teach him how to use his intelligence positively and productively. He was also our first dog to begin treadmill training to burn energy! These daily efforts put towards his physical and mental enrichment were turning him into a noticeably different dog!

In December 2018, after 16 long months in the shelter, Doc was given the most crucial life-changing opportunity: a trial run in a foster home with some of the kindest, dog-savviest, most wonderful people you could meet!

It was all worth the wait. Doc immediately stole their hearts! He had finally found his people, his home, and he has a lifetime of happiness ahead of him.

Doc's happy ending was made possible by people like YOU. People that care deeply about the welfare of animals in our community and want to ensure they receive the second chances they deserve.

A message from Doc's family:

"When we walked into the meet and greet area, I knelt down to meet Doc and he immediately ran to me and twisted himself around me and could not stop wagging his tail. We were instant best buddies.

He was a very accommodating boy and we had no trouble with him blending in at our home. As we went out for walks and started to meet the neighbors, I discovered he was very anxious when someone carrying a stick or shovel came into sight, particularly if that person was a man with a beard. It took some time and patience but he is no longer afraid of the neighbors who may be working in their yards.

We extended the foster visit for another month and it soon became apparent we were getting very attached to Doc. A few people had expressed interest in taking Doc but I wasn’t going to let him go to just anybody. I asked lots of questions about who might take Doc (as if I had some say in that) and it became clear that Doc had already found his forever home. It just took me a bit longer than everyone else to realize it.

Neither Donna nor I can imagine life without Doc and we get great joy from having both him and Daisy in our lives. Dogs are truly the gift that keeps on giving."

- John & Donna

Doc now has a sister named Daisy, a huge fenced-in yard, and regular playdates with two neighbor dogs also adopted from HATS! Can you picture that? Happy dogs, frolicking in the grass, living their best life because they had HATS as a stepping stone on their path to a better life.


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