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Stevie's Second Chance

Stevie is an incredibly sweet (completely blind) senior Hound that arrived as a stray. Like many of the animals we receive, Stevie needed a long list of medical care. But we would never give up on a curious, happy boy like Stevie who deserves to live his golden years in a loving home.

After visiting the veterinarian, we learned that Stevie had glaucoma which was causing a lot of painful pressure in his eyes. He had already lost his sight, so the best option was removal of both eyes to alleviate the pain. Next step: find a very special person that will open their home to a blind, senior dog.

In comes Heather, a wonderful human who has provided Stevie with the perfect place to call home.

"Stevie works really well with a routine. Even though he cannot see, his "internal" clock lets him know what time he eats, when he gets a treat and even when he goes for his walk. If you are late or busy, he certainly lets you know. He knows how to get around the house very well. He has all of the routes mapped out in his mind.

Since adopting Stevie, everyone that has met him has a completely different outlook on a blind dog now. Stevie's other senses, such as his hearing and sense of smell are off the charts. He can be clear out in the corner of the back yard and I can open up the treat container in the kitchen and he can hear it and he comes rushing back in the house.

Stevie's favorite activity is going for walks. Stevie has a stuffed animal dog toy that his brother likes too. Stevie's "brother" Oscar will bring the toy into the living room and as soon as Oscar puts it down, Stevie picks it up and takes it into the bedroom and sets it in his dog bed. He doesn't play with it, he just wants it in his dog bed.

Whenever I leave I need to put on the TV and shut my bathroom door for Stevie, that way he still thinks I am home, I'm just in the If I don't do that he will howl for me the entire time I am gone. The house is much more brighter with Stevie around. My favorite part about having Stevie in my home and life, is that I could not imagine it without him." - Heather


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