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Arkansas Rescue Update

If you follow us on Facebook then you already know all about Angela's travels with the Bissell Pet Foundation to an overwhelmed shelter in Arkansas with hundreds of dogs living in poor conditions. The December trip was an effort coordinated by Cathy Bissell and several shelters to transport animals back to Michigan where they will now have the opportunity to receive medical care and find a loving, forever home. Three of these precious dogs made the journey back to HATS — and even multiplied along the way!

Velma, a Great Dane mix who was very pregnant, gave birth to 12 puppies on the drive back to Michigan! 11 of the pups survived and they all left yesterday for foster homes. Mom is still caring for 7 of them, while the three smallest pups who were getting pushed aside by their bigger siblings are being bottle fed several times a day. And poor little Zoinks is receiving extra care for a broken leg. Velma and her pups are not yet available for adoption, please watch for updates. Want to help the puppies today? They will soon be ready for wet dog food and you can send canned puppy food directly to the shelter from our Amazon wish list!

Rogue, a shy Golden Retriever mix is learning what it's like to be an indoor dog. Those pesky doorways can be pretty scary at first! He is making great progress with leash walking and he loves to hang out in the office and watch over the lobby. Rogue received many adoption applications and we hope to place him in a home very soon! We are not taking any new applications for him at this time.

Azule, a super-sweet mini-pitty who used to get shot at in her outdoor kennel, is now safe and loves to hang out in the office with the staff. She wants nothing more than to be a loving lapdog. Azule is heartworm positive and is searching for a caring adopter that will foster her during the treatment. If you are interested in meeting Azule, please apply today! She would do best in a home where she is the only dog.

A message from the director:

"While the pictures are tough to look at, it’s an excellent reminder of how much we need animal supporters in our community. The day before we arrived, the Humane Society of the Delta had only 2 workers show up to care for the hundreds of animals on site. We’re hoping to continue helping shelters with such extreme needs as theirs, but our priority is and always will be Isabella County. Today, as I make the 14 hour trip back to Michigan I am so grateful to our community for spaying and neutering to reduce overpopulation, stepping up to support our shelter when we’ve needed it, and above all choosing to adopt an animal. You’re not only saving the life you brought home, you’re opening up a kennel so we can save another in need. From the bottom of my heart, thank you!"

-Angela Miedema, Executive Director


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