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Divot's Happy Ending

You may recognize this sweet senior face from our Facebook page when he arrived as a stray in January 2021. This poor guy, now named Divot, is one of the many strays we have already taken in this year. Fortunately, we have successfully returned many dogs to their owners over the past few weeks, but Divot remained unclaimed.

Senior dogs can be very difficult to adopt out, especially when they may only have weeks or months left to live. Divot is well into his golden years and has the typical ailments that come with old age. While he is certainly approaching the rainbow bridge, he's not quite there, and we were determined to find a loving home where he could live out his days comfortably. We couldn't let Divot's final adventure in life be living in a kennel.

Thankfully, a very generous person with a huge heart for senior pets has taken Divot into their home and provided him with all the comforts he could ever want. We are incredibly grateful for all the adopters and animal lovers in our community that make happy endings like this possible. 💙


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