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Foster Feature

These four pups have one thing in common: they received treatment for heartworm disease while in the care of a loving foster family. So what's a foster? They are caring people who open their homes temporarily to pets with special needs. In this case, the need was heartworm treatment which takes about three months to complete. During that time the foster family brings their dog back for vet appointments once per month, provides them with lots of love, and also helps promote them for adoption along the way!

Check out Best Friends feature on the 6 unexpected benefits of fostering a dog during heartworm treatment. "What’s the best thing about fostering dogs with heartworm? That would be knowing you played a huge part in helping them gently kick it to the curb and get adopted."

Tillie, Sweetie, Red, and Legend are now free of heartworms and they found wonderful forever homes! You can help save a special needs animal by signing up to foster today!


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