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Want to join the Foster Force?

In the past, we have had the help of a few foster homes from time-to-time in critical care situations. Our veteran fosters have been with us for years providing homes to neonatal kittens and puppies who have needed a safe place to grow and learn.

Our foster program (particularly for kittens) has grown tremendously and we now rely on many foster families all throughout the year. This amazing team of people was given the title of our HATS Foster Force. Countless lives have been saved through the intense dedication and love provided by these foster families.

Interested in fostering? Here are the steps required to become a cat or dog foster home:

  1. Visit and fill out a foster interest form.

  2. Wait for a call that a foster home is needed.

  3. Speak with a supervisor to discuss the requirements and get your fostering space set up.

  4. If fostering kittens, watch the Kitten Lady How-To videos on Facebook.

  5. Pick up supplies, clinic schedule, and your foster babies.

  6. Care for the critters in your home for a period of 2-12 weeks, depending on the situation, and your preference.

  7. Join the HATS Foster Force Facebook group for questions, updates, and foster-needed posts.

  8. Return foster babies for spay/neuter surgery and adoption.


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