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Furry Slumber Buddies Looking for Homes!

Our Slumber Buddies program allows volunteers to take approved dogs for a short stay at their home. This allows us to gain valuable information on the dogs behavior that will help us place them with adopters! Volunteers will hang with their pup, take them for walks, take lots of photos, and report back on their dog's behavior. We will set you up with food, dishes, crates, toys, etc.

Slumber Buddies Requirements:

- Safe home/apartment environment that allows pets

- Minimum one week commitment

- Dog savvy (able to work with minor behavioral issues or strong dogs)

- For everyone's safety, most dogs will require a home with no other pets or small children

Can't have a pet long-term? Considering adopting? Just want to give back? Slumber Buddies is a great way to get your dog fix with a short-term commitment! Visit our Foster Page to sign-up!


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