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"I'm so happy they're in my life..."

These two brothers went through months of veterinary care for their eyes, and to save Abbott from a life of constant discomfort and medication, it was necessary to remove his eyes. With such a big life change, we were worried for the poor guy, but he adjusted so well you would hardly know he was blind! Abbott got right back to his normal routine, he would hear our voices and roll over at our feet for belly rubs, and he was back on top of his 6-foot cat tree like it was no big deal. Abbott also has his trusty sidekick Costello to comfort and guide him!

After spending almost a year in the shelter, these two cuddle bugs finally found their purrfect match with a loving adopter who works in the veterinary field. She sent a wonderful update:

"Abbott and Costello have been doing great! Abbott got the layout of my apartment after only an hour or so and is able to get up on all the furniture no problem. He loves his pets and belly rubs, purring loud the whole time! He also snores a little so I can tell when he's actually asleep! Costello loves his cuddles and insists on being picked up like a baby! He's very playful and zips around the apartment at top speed going "prrrrb"! They are both super sweet and I'm so happy they're in my life! Thank you for taking good care of them and letting me adopt them!" - April


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