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Kitten season is here!

The sun is shining, the days are longer, and kitten season is already here! Last week we took in our first newborn litter of the season. Meet Symphony and her five adorable kittens!

So what should you do if you find kittens?

First, don't kit-nap the kittens! Wait and watch patiently for a mother cat to return or call us for advice before intervening. Their best chance for survival is staying with their mother! The Kitten Lady CASA method (see below) is a helpful guide for these situations.

If intervention is absolutely necessary, we can provide you with advice and resources to care for the kittens properly. While we have some foster homes on deck to help during kitten season, there are typically more calls for help than there are fosters. So please be mindful that if you call for assistance, YOU may be asked to foster the babies you found! Recruiting finders-to-fosters allows us to help more kittens!

Kittens under 5-weeks-old are in a delicate stage and proper care is very important. Please check out resources like the Kitten Lady to ensure you are taking all the right steps to give them the best chance at survival. If the kittens are orphaned, remember these key points: only use kitten specific formula (never baby formula or cow's milk), keep the kittens warm with a safe heat source, and stimulate them to go to the bathroom. These are all things you can learn by watching some short videos!

If you love those sweet little faces, now is the time to sign-up to foster! We need lots of caring people lined up so little ones can be raised in the safety of loving homes. Don't forget to join our HATS Volunteer & Foster Force Facebook group to stay up-to-date on kitten fostering opportunities!

Kitten season can be crazy, but with your help, we can get through this together!


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