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Little Rock's Recovery

Little Rock arrived at HATS with three of his siblings in early April, and was placed in a wonderful foster home. Despite excellent care, Little Rock was back within a week with serious digestive issues, dehydration, and was having trouble eating and drinking on his own. Instead of growing and gaining weight, he was continuing to decline and weighed only one pound.

After immediate veterinary care we noted a high bacteria level in his digestive system. Little Rock started medication and was kept on fluids to keep him hydrated. But the battle wasn't over. His weight still continued to decline and he also developed a severe upper respiratory infection. While we were worried this fragile kitten might not make it, there was still hope in Little Rock’s fighting spirit.

Against all odds, he finally began gaining weight and was responding well to antibiotics. Little Rock went back to a foster home for recovery and in no time was bigger than his sister. We are so happy to report that Little Rock left recently for his forever home!

Thank you to the fosters, adopters, and supporters who make happy endings possible! We couldn't do this without you!


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