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Maybelle's Holiday Miracle

Maybelle couldn't wait another day for lifesaving medical care. She was surrendered because her owner had too many animals and was assumed to be healthy when she arrived in our care. But internally, she was suffering.

Late on a Friday, within days of Maybelle's arrival, we noticed she had symptoms of a uterine infection called pyometra. Without immediate medical care, the toxic effects of the bacteria would likely be fatal.

Thankfully, our caring veterinary team came back late that evening to perform an emergency spay surgery to remove the infection. Not only will this former mama not have any more litters, she will never again be at risk of developing this deadly infection!

It was truly a miracle that Maybelle came into our care before the infection took her life. But she wasn't completely in the clear just yet. Her blood test revealed that she was also suffering from heartworm disease.

Today, Maybelle is staying strong while she undergoes several months of treatment to eliminate the heartworms from her body. She is spending the holidays in a cozy foster home where she can relax in comfort during her recovery.

It takes a compassionate community of people to save a precious animal's life. Your generous support, a caring veterinary team, a loving foster family, and a future adopter are all part of Maybelle's journey to a lifetime of happiness.

You can be part of Maybelle's story. Every happy tail wag, every wet kiss (and she's a big kisser!), and the many future years spent with a loving family will be possible because you cared.


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