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"Piccadilly was destined to be mine..."

Oh Piccadilly, our big ball of fluff with the roar of a lioness! This sweet girl was surrendered earlier this year due to her owner's declining health. During her stay, we discovered Piccadilly had an overactive thyroid which required daily medication and regular blood screening. It often takes awhile for the right person to choose an older cat with medical issues...but it's always worth the wait. Piccadilly's purrfect match drove all the way from Wisconsin to rescue her and give her a lifetime of loving care!

Her adopter wrote a wonderful (and quite funny!) update about Piccadilly:

"I love having her here. I’ve missed having a fur buddy so much. I think Piccadilly was destined to be mine. Having lost both of my senior cats (16 & 15) that I adopted as kittens in the past year, I was certain I wanted to find another cat companion, but wasn’t sure if I would be able to find another cat that would be the right fit. I knew I wanted a cat that was affectionate, but fairly chill — high energy is not for me! — and preferably had long hair as I have a sweet spot for fluff balls!

I came across Piccadilly and just knew from her backstory that she needed me as much as I needed her. An 8-year-old cat with health issues who had been in the shelter for over 6 months? If I didn’t take her, she might not have had another chance at adoption for a long time! My previous cats also had health issues, requiring medicine daily, for the last stages of their lives, so I was not concerned about being able to provide for Piccadilly.

While it was a rough trip to her new forever home (I live in Milwaukee, WI - it was a 7.5 hr drive home from HATS), she settled into her new life immediately. She loves to roam around her new domain and is sure to use her signature roar/meowl to let me know exactly what’s on her mind.

Is it Piccadilly or persnickety? This little princess refused to use the litter box until I got a hood — like she had at HATS! Will only eat DRY treats. Prefers a firm bed - no fluff or soft pile. (I jokingly called her Goldilocks as I gave her 3 brand new beds to begin with, only one was ok with no alterations, the second we had to ditch the pad and the third she refused). Piccadilly quickly claimed the tray I keep on my bed for remote controls. I have no idea how this is comfortable for her, but she insists!

Piccadilly seems to be a tad nocturnal, so I’m trying to reverse that pattern. She used to meowl a lot starting around midnight into the early parts of the morning. It’s only been a few weeks, but we’re down to about 4am for the roaring hunt start up — she loves running around with catnip toys in her mouth!

Piccadilly is a sweet (and the most vocal) cat companion. She brings so much joy to me every day. I am so grateful to have her here in my home. It was quite empty without a cat for several months and I wasn’t sure I’d be able to connect with a new cat like I had my other cats. Fortunately, Piccadilly has been open to me and my home, we have settled into our new routines and I am so happy that I found her when I did. She is the purrfect cat for me right now."

- Delia


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