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Running Buddies

Updated: Mar 28, 2019

The Running Buddies program allows volunteers to exercise alongside a canine companion. Volunteers may take one of our dogs to a local park to enjoy much needed exercise and stress relief. This health-based program is mutually beneficial for dog and human. Walkers are welcome, too!

By exercising our dogs, you not only allow them to get a nice dose of fresh air, but when potential adopters come to look at an animal, they will be more relaxed and well-behaved which allows for greater chance of adoption!

Interested in volunteering with the Humane Animal Treatment Society?

We can't wait to add you to our team! We are seeking dedicated volunteers who can make a commitment to provide care and socialization for our animals on a consistent basis. We recently switched to a convenient online sign-up system. Please visit hatsweb.org/volunteer to submit your application today!

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