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Second Chances

What happens when a homeless pet needs a special surgery? We do everything we can to make it happen! Beautiful, Buster, and Abbott all received the above and beyond care they needed to live happy, healthy lives!

Beautiful is a sweet senior girl who required surgery to remove a large growth on her abdomen. She is all healed up now and is spoiled daily by her new family!

Buster was limping and x-rays revealed that he required surgery to repair his hip. We are very thankful that Dr. Gumbs, an experienced traveling surgeon, was able to visit our facility to perform Buster's specialized surgery. He is currently recovering and still searching for his new best friend!

Abbott had long-term issues that required the removal of his eyes. Abbott has adjusted very well to this huge life change and he still enjoys climbing to the top of a 6-foot cat tree with ease! We are thrilled that Abbott and his brother Costello recently found their forever home!

Every animal deserves a second chance to live a happy and pain-free life, and thanks to our wonderful community of supporters, we will continue to provide the extra special treatment that pets like Beautiful, Buster, and Abbott desperately need.


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