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Saving Special Needs Dogs

All animals deserve to have a safe home where they are treated with loving kindness. It's devastating when all they've experienced is a life of fear and neglect, but that's what happened to Bentley, Pom-Pom, and Hope.

Bentley and Pom-Pom arrived in very poor condition with severe injury to their hips, and 4-month-old Hope was abandoned at our front door just days ago infected with parvovirus. With your help, each precious pup can put their past behind them and receive the care they've always deserved.

Every time you give to the Colton Fund for Special Needs Dogs, you are saving animals like Hope, who is currently receiving round-the-clock veterinary care while her little body tries to fight the deadly parvovirus.

Thanks to our generous community, Bentley, Pom-Pom, and Hope will have the opportunity to receive the veterinary care they need while they start their journey to good-health and a loving, forever home.


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