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Three New Beginnings

Sweet mama Chipmunk was rescued along with her three puppies (Alvin, Simon & Theodore) after being abandoned in an empty home. All four dogs were suffering from flea allergy dermatitis. They received gentle baths, medication, and most importantly, a second chance at a happy, healthy life. Each puppy found a loving foster home and Chipmunk is now the center of attention in her forever home!

Found as a tiny stray, barely hanging on, Bartok was brought to safety and received desperately needed veterinary care. He was quickly placed in a foster home where he grew into a healthy, handsome boy. After he was big enough to be neutered, he went to an adoption event where those adorable blue eyes stole this little girl's heart. She was so happy to find her new best friend!

Named after her beautiful salt & pepper fur, our sweet senior girl Pepper arrived at our facility with one wish: to find a loving retirement home. At first, she was hesitant to trust and that cute smile would even let out little growls. That only gave us more reason to shower her with affection until she learned she was in a safe place. Pepper received a new beginning and has settled comfortably into her perfect home!

Whether it's by donating, fostering, adopting, volunteering, or sharing our stories on social media — you are saving lives with every effort! Bartok, Chipmunk, and Pepper are now living their best lives thanks to caring people like you.


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